Formlabs is a Boston based company that came to fruition from Kickstarter in 2012 by raising the amount of $3 million. This has allowed then to be a leading manufacturer of Stereolithography (SLA) printers, this does not use filament it uses a resin to produce 3D prints.

With the Form 1+ they are constantly pushing the boundaries of their technology, which they demonstrate by producing a fully functional speaker which really reflects the advances in 3D printing.

The think that has made this speaker special is that it is produced with a flexible resin which allows parts of the speaker cone to vibrate and only two types of resin were used to produce the speaker.

They have reduced the number of smart supports needed and also you can download it from the Formlabs website.

The thing about the Formlabs resin printer is that it comes with a whole lot of extras for finishing your prints such as a finishing tray and an accessory package.

Recently with their Form 2 they are now selling devices for post-processing, Form Wash takes the excess resin residue of the print and the Form Cure hardens the prints. With all this you need a large working area to put these items close by to hand to go through the cycle of pre-production to post-production.

In my opinion the future 3D printed speaker will be a combination of resin, metal and wood to produce the very best sound quality either bespoke for the person who already buys the most expensive and best quality speakers and at the same time you can have a more cost effective compromise but still get an improvement in quality with a cheaper speaker.


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