A three man team from Autodesk printed what is called the coolest speakers. This is because they are aesthetically pleasing, have good sound quality, are completely portable and have a great LED light show.

They are printed using TangoBlackPlus which is a rubber type material that is strong and flexible.

The Autodesk team consisted of Arthur Harsuvanakit , Evan Atherton and Maurice Conti who is a designer, futurist and innovator. He is the Director of Strategic Innovation at Autodesk also leads Autodesk Research Lab.

The main research goals behind this stylish product was to:

  • Demonstrate 3D printing as a viable manufacturing tool
  • Create something unique but also useful
  • Distinguish what we can print vs what should we print
  • Having the correct balance in the manufacturing world

At the time that these speakers were produced the cost was a significate $2,200 but the aim was to stretch the possibilities of 3D printing at that time. These speakers are some of the landmark prototypes on the journey to make 3D printing a common place for many aspects of industry and also for 3D printers to become an essential part of the domestic environment both for the repairs and hobby’s.


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