Bondic is a liquid plastic that allows two materials to join together and is hardened under a UV light. Bondic was invented by Dr. Thomas Offermann, who is a Dentist, turned inventor.

Bondic’s EVO plastic welder has been described as a battery operated 3D printer.

It is not a replacement for a glue gun or a 3D printer but something midway in between and its profile has been raised because it allows for the strengthening and joining parts made of 3D printed objects.

The inventor is a Dentist who’s every day practice means he is attaching white fillings to teeth with a bonding agent and then zapping them with a UV light to harden them. A patient asked if he could borrow the kit to join some wires to a microchip and this led to a Kickstarter project.

The Bondic website describes it as a portable 3D printer.

I don’t think that Dentists feel that this is quite true as white fillings as laid down in one piece or thickish layers and not layers of extruded filament so this is not the same as using a 3D file to instruct a 3D printer to produce an object over many hours.

However this is a very useful way of wetting and joining surfaces so they bond together to make increased strength.


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