“The Beginner’s Guide To The 3D Printing Galaxy” is a new book which was only published this year in 2017.

It is written by Joe Larson also known as the ‘3D Printing Professor’, who did a degree in Computer Animation before becoming a Maths teacher for 10 years.

He heard about 3D printing in 2012 when he won a Makerbot Replicator in the TinkerCAD chess challenge and he publishes weekly videos on his YouTube channel. He has thousands of hours of experience in 3D printing.

This book “The Beginner’s Guide To The 3D Printing Galaxy” is a short and very simple book rather like ‘The Idiots Guide’ series.

It has 11 short chapters starting with safety features and what 3D print is actually is. He encourages people without 3D printer of their own to download a project and get it printed in a commercial studio and advises you that the volume significantly effects the price.

He says although prices through a commercial studio are expensive the whole concept of designing your own specification and creating your own product is well worth it.

He spends a significant part of the book discussing slicing and the anatomy of files to print.

This is a short basic book that together with the accompanying YouTube channel will encourage the at home amateur who likes a new gadget of their own to have a go and create a simple, bespoke object as their first attempt at 3D printing.


Larson, J. (2017). The Beginner’s Guide to the 3D Printing Galaxy. 1st ed. USA: Amazon, pp.1-92.