After having a meeting with the lecturer and having a discussion with them. The decision was made to change direction slightly instead of a music player a frequency display was the better option.

How was this going to work? This was going to work by displaying circular line which would display the high, low and midrange frequencies from picking up the ambient sounds with a devices microphone and this can be extended to music which is coming from another device.

While pondering on the search terms what to put into the search engine, the lecturer mentioned that he has a tutorial which he had set on accessing the microphone, which was useful for me to start to focus and impellent me on the rest of the project.

When coding the frequency display I came up with a few obstacles in the firstly it was a newer version than I am use to although ActionScript has changed slightly over the years. I can still understand what it does, although an extra pair of eyes running through your ActionScript is useful and helpful.

The main obstacle when trying to activate the frequency display is trying to access and activate the microphone itself to give out the visualisation to the frequency display itself.

As I mentioned before about the search terms the refinement of them became useful and with the lectures assistance it became a smoother transition while looking for different resources into helping me gain access to the microphone.

As I felt that I was approaching the success of activating the microphone I decided to go to Adobe Forums and search for an answer there, but to no prevail I could not find the appropriate answer to my query. So, I decided to ask my own question of the Forums which prevailed with an answer and got me to gain access to the microphone. (2017). Using AS3′s computeSpectrum – Antti Kupila. [online] Available at: [Accessed 15 Jun. 2017]. (2017). onebyonedesign » Digging into the Microphone in Flash Player 10.1. [online] Available at: [Accessed 24 Aug. 2017]. (2017). How do I unmute the microphone? | Adobe Community. [online] Available at:[Accessed 6 Sep. 2017].