I as I came up with some ideas of my own regarding the speakers for my project.

I enquired at KMR Audio which is a provider of high end of studio recording equipment to discuss some ideas that I had.

KMR Audio are the exclusive importers of Barefoot Speakers which are often called “the holy grail’ of speakers. I was particularly keen to find out if I could use back to back magnetic speakers and could that idea work.

KMR Audio directed me to Barefoot Speakers which uses this idea.

The founder of Barefoot Speakers is actually called ‘Thomas Barefoot’. He is a scientist, inventor and engineer who manufacture these high end speakers in the factory in Portland Oregon in the USA.

Thomas Barefoot built himself an electric guitar at the age of 13 because his family was unable to afford it. This lead to a business building and modifying guitars for his class mates and the money earned paid for his education and he did a Degree in Physics and a PHD but he wanted to be an inventor.

It was his love of music that made him realise that the all in one approach in studio monitoring and providing excellent sound quality at all levels in the studio was important.

This lead him to develop speakers that where initiative and has excellent sound qualities and the speaker that he produced at that time out performed the best speakers on the market.

The idea of two back to back speakers was first applied for a patent in 2005. The two speakers share a common magnet at the back and the opening faces are in opposite directions and are mounted in the centre of two opposing cones each of which are acoustically independent.

The advantage is that there is an acoustic power gain of 11 decibels which applies to this patent compared with conventional speakers.

The advantages of this power gain result into lower levels of output power required and reduce costs also a longer battery life of portable products.


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