3D printing was a new skill to me and earlier on the course I designed my idea of a Tudor seal which was hollow inside so that wax and a lighter could be placed inside which makes it easier to transport.

I used skills that I have obtained, developed and learnt from this project to help me design my speaker enclosure. I had to use my maths skills to make sure I accurately go the dimensions of the electronics with a pair of digital calipers.

In order to start the sketch of my design in Fusion 360, I had to learn my way around it.

This is a cloud collaboration program where you can be working on your computer at home or in the office which allows me to share my work with other people around the world and which enables the employee and the client to share ideas on the piece that is being worked on at any time of the day.

For example, when completing the speaker grill and you would like some feedback from a fellow colleague on a different course all you do is send them a link to the file and I set the parameters, such as password protected or downloadable.

This mixes 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) with mechanics such as milling blanks out of steel.

I monitored my Gantt chart very carefully. I sent my work for printing and on collection I discovered that there were some errors which would affect the final product.

Firstly, the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) mounting posts were slightly further spaced apart for the PCB to sit upon.

Secondly the holes which go through the top of the speaker enclosure did not line up with the surface mount buttons which are on the PCB itself.

I had to re-design and measure the PCB holder and made it thicker with a lip so it would not fall through the hole I double checked the measurements with a different pair of calipers.

I resent the file and the file was too small this was because I measured it in millimetres the first time and double checked it with centimetres this is why I think the file was too small. Also I told the sketch to be in centimetres where I should of kept in in millimetres and Fusion 360 would of converted the amended the figures within itself.

All of these experiences are important learning skills to take forward to the workplace and I have learnt that these skills will help me in the future.

In 3D printing the importance of time is very important because even a small design can take a long time to print even one to two days.

It has made me aware of the need to be accurate, to understand what I am producing, to have a good relationship with the technician and to allow enough time in case I have to order a reprint so that I am constantly on top of the situation.


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