MA Digital Media Arts


Practice 1: Media

Developing It Further [Part Six]

Check the dimensions of your 3D model within the software, if you are not sure there websites that you can check the dimensions on.


Developing It Further [Part Five]

What are the differences between SketchUp and AutoDesk Maya?

Developing If Further [Part Four]

I then wanted to develop this idea further by looking how the physical signature has declined and fingerprint identity.

Developing It Further [Part Three]

I created the design and got it evaluated by the technicians in the 3D printing laboratory.

Developing If Further [Part Two]

The first great seal of English dates back to Edward the Confessor (1066 and all that).

Developing It Further [Part One]

What else can be 3D printed and personalised? Apart from a chess piece which has been individualised for several years.

Theatre And The Digital World [Part Two]

ThereĀ is a playlist with this, which contains four. Also view: Theatre And The Digital World [Part One]

The Unreliable Experience [Part Two]

Also view: The Unreliable Experience [Part One]

Making It Real [Part Two]

Also view: Making It Real [Part One]

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