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3D Printing Saves Automotive Industry

The 3D printing of parts in industry has made tremendous strides over years and the Automotive Industry is one of them.

Liquid Plastic Welder

A hand held device that device that distributes plastic to adhere other plastics.

Microwave Induced Strength Welding

3D printing is developing a method to weld layers of filament together to form a stronger bond.

Speaker Enclosure Holes

Tens of measurements where taken to apply the holes in the enclosure.

3D Printed Toys

A wide variety of 3D printed toys from simple puzzles to those with moving parts is having an effect on the industy.

New Kid On The Block

He is at the cutting edge of 3D printing and modelling.

Pushing Some Buttons

Here are few designs of how the button may look.

3D Speakers Lighting The Way Forwards

A three man team from Autodesk printed what is called the coolest speakers.

A DIY 3D Printed Speaker Just Gained Support And Structure

The think that has made this speaker special is that it is produced with a flexible resin.

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