MA Digital Media Arts



Taking A Grip

This describe how the handle was designed and the reasoning behind it.

Push Some Buttons

This shows how the speaker will be operational with buttons.

Cut A Curve With Honeycomb

Here you can view how a curve can cut through with honeycomb.

3D Printing DIY Headphone Kits

These headphones are bespoke to the buyers orders.

Amplifying Sound

How to boost your audio output without cables.

Pushing Some Buttons

Here are few designs of how the button may look.

3D Speakers Lighting The Way Forwards

A three man team from Autodesk printed what is called the coolest speakers.

A DIY 3D Printed Speaker Just Gained Support And Structure

The think that has made this speaker special is that it is produced with a flexible resin.

Putting A Lid On It

Designing the space for the rechargeable battery I thought there would be a good place to put it.

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