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Digimodernism: How New Technologies Dismantle the Postmodern and Reconfigure Our Culture [Part Eleven]

In our digitally dependent society and he compares them to the changes that went on in the postmodern period.


20th Century Visual Culture Modernism & Post Modernism [Part Ten]

These films satirise modern day relationships and explore the development of spoken communication.

Cartoons New vs Old [Part Eight]

The differences between cartoons new vs old and what it tells us about the postmodern era.

Why The Simpsons Is The Best TV Show Ever [Part Seven]

There is a mixture of simplicity that you saw in the early cartoons mixed with the complexities of everyday life.

The World History Of Animation [Part Six]

Both Walt Disney’s wife and brother Roy tried to put him off the idea with his wife Lillian saying “No one is going to spend a dime seeing a dwarf movie”.

Animated Cartoons, From The Old To The New: Evolution For The Past 100 Years [Part Five]

In her conclusion Eva Michelsen is very sad about the fact that hand drawing for animation has rather got lost in the wake of computer generated animation.

Makin’ Toons: Inside the Most Popular Animated TV Shows And Movies [Part Four]

Stanton is a Director, Screenwriter, Producer and Voice Actor and he co-wrote all the three Toy Story films.

Kellogg Company v. Exxon Corporation: Was Kellogg Sleeping on Its Trademark Rights? [Part Three]

This article from the DePaul Journal of Art, Technology & Intellectual Property Law directly relates to the case of Kellogg Company vs Exxon Corporation.

How ‘Frozen’ Took Over the World [Part Two]

All of Disney’s characters are special and unique, but here there was something different. It was not just that everybody could identify with these magical characters.

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