MA Digital Media Arts



Power Consumption

How to regulate the voltage output of a devices battery.


Speaker Enclosure Holes

Tens of measurements where taken to apply the holes in the enclosure.

New Kid On The Block

He is at the cutting edge of 3D printing and modelling.

Pushing Some Buttons

Here are few designs of how the button may look.

Putting A Lid On It

Designing the space for the rechargeable battery I thought there would be a good place to put it.

Enclosing It All

I took the idea of a small speaker enclosure and started to model it.

Digimodernism: How New Technologies Dismantle the Postmodern and Reconfigure Our Culture [Part Eleven]

In our digitally dependent society and he compares them to the changes that went on in the postmodern period.

20th Century Visual Culture Modernism & Post Modernism [Part Ten]

These films satirise modern day relationships and explore the development of spoken communication.

Cartoons New vs Old [Part Eight]

The differences between cartoons new vs old and what it tells us about the postmodern era.

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