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European Strategy On 3D Printing

This explains the European Unions strategy on 3D printing and to safe guard its future.


A New Way Of Stopping Counterfeit 3D Printed Objects

This shows away of protecting your 3D models from illegal downloads.

3D Printing Saves Automotive Industry

The 3D printing of parts in industry has made tremendous strides over years and the Automotive Industry is one of them.

Liquid Plastic Welder

A hand held device that device that distributes plastic to adhere other plastics.

Microwave Induced Strength Welding

3D printing is developing a method to weld layers of filament together to form a stronger bond.

New Kid On The Block

He is at the cutting edge of 3D printing and modelling.

Autodesk Patent To Support Structures

The support post has become an integral part 3D printing.

Graduate Launches New Technology

New 3D printing technology developed by a Penn State Graduate.

The World’s First 3D Printed Speaker From Wood

The world first 3D printed wooden speaker.

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