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Filament Update

Since writing my previous blog post on Filaments they have been updated and introduced to the world.


3D Printing Saves Automotive Industry

The 3D printing of parts in industry has made tremendous strides over years and the Automotive Industry is one of them.

New Kid On The Block

He is at the cutting edge of 3D printing and modelling.

Starting To Make Sense

After viewing a few video's on Fusion 360 I decided to have a go at tutorial.

3D Bioprinting: Printing Parts for Bodies

With 3D printing you do not have to be a master craftsman.

An Eye On McQueen [Part Two]

The idea of combining the physical world with the digital world came to mind.

An Eye On McQueen [Part One]

The main focus was on Alexander McQueen and his portfolio of work. To make it more accessible.

3D Bioprinting: Printing Parts for Bodies – The Future

This looks at revolutionary way of Bioprinting in medicine.

3D-Printed Hand First For Inverness Girl and Life Enhancing Prosthetics and 3D Printed And Open Sourced: Ivan Owen At TEDxRainier

In 2014 a girl called Haley Fraser was thought to be the first child in the UK to have a 3D Printed hand.

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