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Filament Update

Since writing my previous blog post on Filaments they have been updated and introduced to the world.


3D Bioprinting: Printing Parts for Bodies

With 3D printing you do not have to be a master craftsman.

A Brush With 3D Printing [Part Two]

A short video how 3D printing is changing our lives and where is it taking us in the future.

A Brush With 3D Printing – Andrew Dawood Interview Transcript (16/03/2017) [Part One]

An interview with Andrew Dawood. Some people call him "3D Printing's Headmaster".

3D Bioprinting: Printing Parts for Bodies – The Future

This looks at revolutionary way of Bioprinting in medicine.

3D-Printed Hand First For Inverness Girl and Life Enhancing Prosthetics and 3D Printed And Open Sourced: Ivan Owen At TEDxRainier

In 2014 a girl called Haley Fraser was thought to be the first child in the UK to have a 3D Printed hand.

NimroDENTAL’s 3D Printing Department

In the last three years that has all change with the coming of 3D Printing, sometimes if you are lucky you can get your teeth scanned.

3D Printers Are Now A Must In Hospitals Treating Serious Head, Neck And Jaw Injuries

3D Printing has been used at Kings College Hospital for the last seven years and is now used on a daily basis also has reduced surgery time by a third.

Behind The Scenes Of How 3D Printing Speeded Recovery Of McDonald Twins

3D Systems were involved as soon as the surgery was planned using a multiple of 3D models and different 3D techniques.

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