MA Digital Media Arts



High, Low Or Midrange

Moving from a music player to a frequency display.


Amplifying Sound

How to boost your audio output without cables.

3D Speakers Lighting The Way Forwards

A three man team from Autodesk printed what is called the coolest speakers.

Remix A 3D Speaker Just For You

This is from a high performance audio manufactures.

3D Printed Cabinet For A Great Sound

The idea of the traditional speaker on its head.

Move Over Music Player

With all the problems that occurred with the music player. The idea was changed.

Digimodernism: How New Technologies Dismantle the Postmodern and Reconfigure Our Culture [Part Eleven]

In our digitally dependent society and he compares them to the changes that went on in the postmodern period.

20th Century Visual Culture Modernism & Post Modernism [Part Ten]

These films satirise modern day relationships and explore the development of spoken communication.

Cartoons New vs Old [Part Eight]

The differences between cartoons new vs old and what it tells us about the postmodern era.

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