MA Digital Media Arts



New Kid On The Block

He is at the cutting edge of 3D printing and modelling.


Pushing Some Buttons

Here are few designs of how the button may look.

A DIY 3D Printed Speaker Just Gained Support And Structure

The think that has made this speaker special is that it is produced with a flexible resin.

Putting A Lid On It

Designing the space for the rechargeable battery I thought there would be a good place to put it.

Autodesk Patent To Support Structures

The support post has become an integral part 3D printing.

Enclosing It All

I took the idea of a small speaker enclosure and started to model it.

Starting To Make Sense

After viewing a few video's on Fusion 360 I decided to have a go at tutorial.

CAD You Belevie It

I had a look at Autodesk Maya and stubbled across something different.

Learning Outcomes Statement [Part Ten]

This is to demonstrate what I have learnt thought the module and for my major project.

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