MA Digital Media Arts



Internals Rejuvenated

A change of the circuit which enables cost effectiveness.


New Learning

I used skills that I have obtained, developed and learnt from this project to help me design my speaker enclosure.

Creative Decision Making

I had to design the speaker cover which I chose a round shape with a domed honeycombed grill.

More Than A Regular Speaker

Speakers come in all manner of different shapes and sizes but with this one it is a bit unique.

High, Low Or Midrange

Moving from a music player to a frequency display.

FilTa Speak Promotional Video

A promotional video of my final assignment.

Disney Creates Interactive 3D Speaker

Electromagnetic speakers produce audible sounds how can a speaker be reused for interaction.

Internals Update

Here is a list of electronics which I have refined down to.

Padding It Out

When building your own speaker enclosure are there any acoustic insulation materials that should be used.

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