MA Digital Media Arts



The Final Push

We managed to attach a photographic blackout curtain to the front support beam this abled us to blackout all the light.


I Can See Clearly Now

Yet again I returned to the 3D Workshop 1 and started to glue two trapeziums together and then the other two.

I See You

We met in the Gallery as a group to communicate with the lectures what the final idea is and what we require to complete our are piece in the Gallery.

Hologram Inclusion

The idea of hide a few items in and around the island.

Smile Please

As a Digital Media student, I had a thought of what can I offer which is related to my field.

Not Cutting It

As we are going to use the laser cutter I was wondering if there were different types.


Our group is planning to build and create the 3D Mobile Hologram which it is going to be displayed in a dark space with in the Gallery of the School of Creative Arts.

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