MA Digital Media Arts



Disney’s Anti-Scanning Filament

Many characters that are popular in the 3D world are often printed in an unauthorised setting. How is this being stopped?

A New Way Of Stopping Counterfeit 3D Printed Objects

This shows away of protecting your 3D models from illegal downloads.

3D Printing DIY Headphone Kits

These headphones are bespoke to the buyers orders.

Microwave Induced Strength Welding

3D printing is developing a method to weld layers of filament together to form a stronger bond.

Pushing Some Buttons

Here are few designs of how the button may look.

Putting A Lid On It

Designing the space for the rechargeable battery I thought there would be a good place to put it.

Enclosing It All

I took the idea of a small speaker enclosure and started to model it.

Encryption For 3D Printers To Prevent Intellectual Property Losses

The current way we access 3D models to print is a two step process. How do we change it?

Learning Outcomes Statement [Part Ten]

This is to demonstrate what I have learnt thought the module and for my major project.

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