MA Digital Media Arts



Filament Update

Since writing my previous blog post on Filaments they have been updated and introduced to the world.


FilTa Speak Promotional Video

A promotional video of my final assignment.

3D Printing DIY Headphone Kits

These headphones are bespoke to the buyers orders.

Liquid Plastic Welder

A hand held device that device that distributes plastic to adhere other plastics.

A DIY 3D Printed Speaker Just Gained Support And Structure

The think that has made this speaker special is that it is produced with a flexible resin.

Taking Shape

A 3D printed speaker with a frequency display. A date has been set for printing.

Encryption For 3D Printers To Prevent Intellectual Property Losses

The current way we access 3D models to print is a two step process. How do we change it?

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