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Filament Update

Since writing my previous blog post on Filaments they have been updated and introduced to the world.


Keeping Your 3D Printing Filaments Ready

Different ways of storing filament in order to keep the longevity of spools of filament.

FilTa Speak Promotional Video

A promotional video of my final assignment.

3D Printing DIY Headphone Kits

These headphones are bespoke to the buyers orders.

Liquid Plastic Welder

A hand held device that device that distributes plastic to adhere other plastics.

A DIY 3D Printed Speaker Just Gained Support And Structure

The think that has made this speaker special is that it is produced with a flexible resin.

Taking Shape

A 3D printed speaker with a frequency display. A date has been set for printing.

Encryption For 3D Printers To Prevent Intellectual Property Losses

The current way we access 3D models to print is a two step process. How do we change it?

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