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More Than A Regular Speaker

Speakers come in all manner of different shapes and sizes but with this one it is a bit unique.


FilTa Speak Promotional Video

A promotional video of my final assignment.

Cut A Curve With Honeycomb

Here you can view how a curve can cut through with honeycomb.

CAD You Belevie It

I had a look at Autodesk Maya and stubbled across something different.

The World’s First 3D Printed Speaker From Wood

The world first 3D printed wooden speaker.

Remix A 3D Speaker Just For You

This is from a high performance audio manufactures.

Kickstart Audio Designer Speakers

These speakers are manufactured with a high-precision industrial 3D printers.

3D Printed Cabinet For A Great Sound

The idea of the traditional speaker on its head.

3D Printing Fixes Stereo Speaker Acoustics

The "back wave" is a problem with the stereo speak and how can this be fixed?

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