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Filament Update

Since writing my previous blog post on Filaments they have been updated and introduced to the world.


Proof Of Concept

This is to show that my concept is feasible.

Internals Rejuvenated

A change of the circuit which enables cost effectiveness.

New Learning

I used skills that I have obtained, developed and learnt from this project to help me design my speaker enclosure.

Creative Decision Making

I had to design the speaker cover which I chose a round shape with a domed honeycombed grill.

More Than A Regular Speaker

Speakers come in all manner of different shapes and sizes but with this one it is a bit unique.

High, Low Or Midrange

Moving from a music player to a frequency display.

The Beginner’s Guide To The 3D Printing Galaxy

A straight forward guide to appreciating the limitless possibilities of 3D printing.

Disney Creates Interactive 3D Speaker

Electromagnetic speakers produce audible sounds how can a speaker be reused for interaction.

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